Infrastructure is vital to a neighborhood’s economic development, vibrancy, appeal, and safety. Alderman Thompson is committed to maintaining and replacing our Ward’s aging infrastructure. There are several different programs available to help fund small and large scale infrastructure projects. The most common and consistent programs is known as the Alderman Menu and the Capital Improvement Program (CIP).  Alderman Thompson takes pride in partnering with community members to survey and identify which locations are in need of new sidewalks, curb, pavement, lights, trees and much more.  Community input plays a key role on where menu funds are used. Below are the projects that have been completed:

  • 30 Resurfaced Alleys
  • 2 Green Alleys
  • 33 Resurfaced Streets
  • 38 Resurfaced Sidewalks
  • 17 Curb and Gutter Replacements
  • 12 Viaducts LED light installation
  • 24 New Water Main installations
  • 12 Blocks LED Streetlights